Saturday, July 30, 2011


Suddenly i realized something. Everything that i did before, I'm hurting others feeling actually, even i didn't mean it. Seriously. I'm sorry, mian-he, maaf. But i don't think it is enough to heal your feeling.

p/s: When I say sorry, I do mean it :'( I'm such a bad girl. 'Bad' is not enough to describe me.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What wrong with me? :D

Today i'm going to see someday. A-long-long-lost-friend. And i'm nervous. Seriously. If just i could cancel it but it just only if. It will never happen haha. This is what i waiting along this time. So, all the best Tira :)

Changing me

I got sunshine in my pocket
I gotta sucha whatta perfect day
I'm feelin kinda worth it
Says the smile on my face
It's written on my face

I dont know where I'm goin
but i'm bound to see
what i'm capable of bein
if the worlds takin me
and i know, he knows, she knows, we know
cant change history, but history is what's changin me

hey, it's changin me

I got my heart tied in my locket
I gotta dolla to my name
I made em both a promise
that they're not gonna go to waste
no not today

I dont know where I'm goin
but i'm bound to see
what i'm capable of bein
if the worlds takin me
and i know, he knows, she knows, we know
cant change history, but history is what's changin me

changing me
changing me

I dont know where I'm going
but i'm bound to see
what i'm capable of being
if the worlds takin me
and i know, he knows, she knows, we know
cant change history, but history is what's changin me

By: Cady Groves

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sometime it's hard when we dream about something but it's seem impossible to catch and killing me inside.
Sometime I wanna pray to God,wishing it never happened before but I'm afraid. 

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hye everybody! Hari nie aku telah menyiapkan 1 daripada 1000 kerja yang aku ada iaitu interview any owner of the shop. Ini project accounting. Benda nie ala-ala Rancangan Perniagaan (RP) subject Pengajian Keusahawanan (PKU) for student Perdagangan dulu time form 5. Kalau budak-budak TIKLians memang tahu la. Kteorang memang famous dulu dengan RP-RP nie haha.. Basically, project nie visual business la. Tak buat betul-betul pun. Just preparation for starting the business but we have to imagine our self as entrepreneur. We to prepare all the income statement, cash flow, and ending with balance sheet and present it in front of 3 panels. Nak tau sama ada project kteorg nie berjaya ke tak,depends on panels. Kalau dyeorg rasa kteorg punye interesting, so markah banyak la tuk project nie.

Me as Operating manager 1, our CEO and admin. Manager

Ok, back to this topic. So, we went to Bangi for interviewing owner of the Bakery. Yes, my group choose bakery for our business. Kteorg chose Sugarflours as kteorg punya rujukan. Kedai dia sejuk giler and cantik giler! Semua-lah giler haha. Best sangat-sangat korang. Yang paling best ialah owner of this bakery is a Malay and woman who finished her Degree of Accounting at UK. ACCA kot. Rasa nak menangis tengok perkataan ACCA tue haha. ACCA is stand for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Professional kot. Paper-paper sangat la susah. Salute la dengan Mrs. Norawati Abu Bakar nie. Business anda sangat menarik!

Tapi kalau korang interest nak belajar decorating for cake, korang boleh attend kelas dia. Buka la facebook Sugarflours untuk maklumat lanjut.

 Ini hasil kreativiti student-student yang belajar kat situ
Ini tempahan dari customer

p/s : Seronok dapat makan dengan mama tadi! MUAH-MUAH la mama.Rindu mama sangat-sangat!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Damn,suddenly i miss her so much even it's like thorn in my heart. Tira,please forget her. Like what Tiya said before,
'If this is the way you want express your 'appreciation' as friend,
Then I rather have none'. 

Its refers to that girl of course. But still, I do miss her :(  Ya, maybe i'm not strong enough to get through this.. As for now, I have my own best friend that not every people get this opportunity to experience. TWIN. The greatest thing that ever happen in my life.



p/s: Gambar masa kecik tue time kteorg celebrated our 7th birthday.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yes,i'm hurt.
But i know there will be someone who care for me. I just knew it.

Someone said, i'm the girl wearing pink shirt :)

p/s: I can't wait for upcoming event with group 905 and 906 next Friday    XOXO

Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't worry,be happy

Currently i'm at home. Yesterday afternoon I had replacement class for Computer2. Letih kot. Semua orang dah balik rumah, kteorg pulak stuck kat UIA tue sebab ada kelas ganti. From 2.30 until 4.30 ( finished at 4.10, i'm glad). So, my dearest sisters la aku yang ambil aku dekat UIA. Masuk je kereta kakak-kakak marah aku sebab turun lambat haha. Tak lambat pun. Cuma aku taknak tunggu bawah sebab panas la. Dyeorg sampai barulah aku turun, betul tak?

Sebab mereka marah? Nak ajak tengok wayang cerita 'Monte Carlo' pukul 6! Risau tiket habis *ala-ala citer transformer yang dah habis tiket sampai pukul1 pagi *, dyeorg booked la, tapi tak sempat pun nak ambil tiket tue pown haha. Tak ramai pown yang tengok. Jalan cerita boleh tahan,2 hours and 30 minutes. Girls la yang suka compared to boys. Girls punye cerita...Boys tak layan punya haha. By the way, on our way home, aku terdengar lagu "Don't worry,be happy" by Bobby McFerrin. Never heard of it before, isn't? haha. Sebab dia penyanyi lama. I love Oldies songs. Latest songs pown layan,but i prefer the old one. I know you exhausted with daily activities. So, hear this song to make you feel relief and enjoy this song!

p/s: Next week ada two quizzes- Accounting 2 and Economics. All the best for me. XOXO