Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my luvly first post

this is my first post..haha
kre wat perasmianla krenye...
utk yg first nk wat pngnln sket ttg diri saya..
name dlm ic Athira Nadia bt Hassan
tnggl kt putrajaya n bangi..ex student tikl..
kre fresh from skul la krenye huhu...
i have 5sibling2 includng me..n sy ade twin yg plg sengal haha
owh,lpe,all princess of course...but da cutest is me haha indeed
thanx to my sis yg knl kn blog nie...(k.ima,kkk promote k.ima nie) haha
nme dye Aima Munirah a.k.a future doctr ...spe nk knl dye,juz tell me..
she's single haha...
k,smpi sni je..from now.
see ya
thanx for reading

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