Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello New World

Just a few days left before we move to another year. What can i say is, Hello 20's,Goodbye 10's. Oh man dah nak masuk alam dewasa dah. haha  As I'm going to another phase of life, aku still terkejut dengan perubahan yang berlaku di sekeliling aku.Yes. Still terkejut. Why? I just don't believe that my cousin and friends,same age as mine, dah nak kahwin. Kalau nak sambung belajar ke oversea,or dah start kerja, i still can consider. But when it comes to marriage matter, i will react like, "What? Seriously?". Of course, mereka and i memang dah layak tapi i still payah nak percaya. Ok dah. Stop. Whatever it is, marriage is a big responsibility to be carried on, not just here but also in the hereafter. Remember that.

Well, my cousin dah selamat menjadi tunangan orang last month at 20.11.2011. And last saturday, my doormate pun dah selamat menjadi tunangan orang jugak (17.12.2011). Oh, ada lagi sorang, my classmate. Dah selamat dapat anak dah pown. Last October. Itupun dah macam jakun bila dia masuk kelas dengan perut boyot. Dah macam tengok artis masuk kelas dah. Menggigil tangan wa cakap lu masa nak cuba2 pegang perut dia. =,='

Oh,don't forget to check out this awesome video from my lovey dovey dormmate >> I've been proposed.
I'm very sure most of you had seen this video. It has been widespread like mushroom after the rain because it's too awesome! :)

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