Friday, April 1, 2011

I stay up all night just to finish my assignment which is will be present next week. Oh my,there is a lot things to do. My slides, my preparation. Plus, my mid term is just around the corner and i'm not prepare anything except watching Korea all day haha. Great,now i have to spend my time to do my revision+ assignment +essay during weekend. Tomorrow,my dearest dorm mate ask me to join them to go to the Tesco! I'm wondering how i'm going to divide time so that i manage to settle down all the things on time and successful. Hopefully everything is going to be fine.

P/s:ieka,panjang tak?hahahhaha XD
gmbar yg konon2 tgh buat keje

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Afyqa Shamsuddin said...

at least kite ade 'something' nak baca laa, evendo tak berape nak panjang :P fightingg tira! we both can do it :)