Saturday, July 9, 2011


Damn,suddenly i miss her so much even it's like thorn in my heart. Tira,please forget her. Like what Tiya said before,
'If this is the way you want express your 'appreciation' as friend,
Then I rather have none'. 

Its refers to that girl of course. But still, I do miss her :(  Ya, maybe i'm not strong enough to get through this.. As for now, I have my own best friend that not every people get this opportunity to experience. TWIN. The greatest thing that ever happen in my life.



p/s: Gambar masa kecik tue time kteorg celebrated our 7th birthday.


ayim said...

eleh poyo je. pastu gaduh banyak

Athira said...

bese la...gado tue asam garam family en Hassan muahahahahahaha...