Friday, August 5, 2011

Simple effort

Simple effort sometimes can bring people a big happiness. Don' believe it? Here the examples that I had given for you people.

1)Between teacher and student:
Without the student realized, teachers feel very happy when they see their students excited in seeking knowledge especially in their class. It is simple isn't? It doesn't need your energy. All you need is sit it the class with a smiling face and focus what they teach. As easy as peanut hee~

2)You and your special one (Parents, Friends, etc)
They don't need your money. All they need is your love. It doesn't cost you a lot in order to show your love toward them. You don't have to pay for hundred ringgit just for showing your love Nowadays, everybody has cellphone, even 3-years-old little child has it. One sms only take 20sen. Did you saw word 'ONLY'??? Yes, only 20sen for one sms - kalau lain rangkaian. It is too cheap compared to the cost of your clothes. You can text them everyday. Like, "Mama sihat tak? Dah makan ke belum? Love you ma". or " Selamat berbuka :D" . Simple effort right? Just 30seconds everyday to let them know that you care for them and you will be there when they need someone.

p/s: Say ' I love you' to your beloved one and even to Allah in every single day. After all, what was more important, in the end, than love? XOXO


Laportea said...

who's is your beloved person?ZZZZ

Athira said...

hee...rahsia la kan..sibuk je XD