Saturday, June 4, 2011


Adele is one of my favaorite singers that i adore her music so much. Not many people know about Adele. She not famous yet in Malaysia but coming soon with her latest song which is "Rolling in the deep". keeps playing song i think. The special things about her is her genre and of course her voice. The calmness, serenity in her lyrics ( a few song)- love it!

Her face like Serina- Chef Wan's daughter haha

This is list of Adele's songs that i know:

  1. Someone like you
  2. Rolling in the deep
  3. Make you feel my love
  4. Take it all
  5. Set fire to the rain
  6. Chasing pavement
  7. Don't you remember
  8. He won't go
  9. Cold shoulder
  10. One and only
  11. Lovesong
  12. I'll be waiting

Click here if you interested to know her..

p/s : Baru lepas beli kain baju raya. Theme for this year- Yellow and Batik. Baju kurung for first day of raya will be the same as my twin's. Oh my, i already getting embarrassed right now haha. (^_^).

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