Tuesday, June 28, 2011

7 Things

Hai,tajuk kali macam tajuk lagu Miley Cyrus kan? haha.. Opps lupa, assalamualaikum semua! Today I would like to tell you 7 things about me that you might do not know. Ya, seriously. Ramai sebenarnya tak tahu tentang aku yang sepenuhnya.

1. Aku nie ibarat tortoise. Macam Tora and Tomin ( My Sweet Tortoises) kat rumah hehe.. Why? Because, it's hard at the outside,but very soft inside.

2. I have twin and I'm the older one. I'm 4th from 5th princesses. And the oldest is already 27-years-old and single and available and she's a doctor in HUKM.

3. I used to tell myself to find BF friends before I finish my degree approximately  four  years from now.

4. Kalau orang yang baru kenal aku, mesti dia akan make an assumption that i'm a soft-personality, girlish. HAHAHAHAHAAHA.* BIG laugh for this one*. But i'm not.Totally not at all. There was once i cut my hair like boy's, my mom said," Mama ada Boboy la kat rumah". That the worst part ok.

5. I have  two houses. One for my dad and one for my mom * ala2 lagu kanak-kanak tapi lupa tajuk dia* haha.

6. It's hard for me to love or care somebody,but once i did, I'll love and care her/him very much. I promise you, i'll always  try to stand by your side ^_^

7 Last but not least, aku ini pelupa orang nya haha. Tapi bukan nyanyuk tau. If i meet somebody new, it will take a few time to ask her/his name ( every time i meet her/him ). So, sorry kepada sesiapa yang aku selalu lupa nama dia.Bukan sengaja,tapi nak buat macam mana kan. Peace yo!

p/s: Entry ini di buat selepas ada request from somebody. Sorry la, ini je yang termampu.haha XOXO


Ace said...

wah ~

Athira said...

haha..ape wah2? no berapa yang rase mcm tak percya? ^_^